Women’s Digital Entrepreneurship (WDE)

Our Rationale 

In recent years, both private and public sectors of business and commerce have been transformed by digital technology. Women, especially in developing countries, are often left behind in this fast-speed digital revolution. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated pre-existing inequalities, especially gender inequality.
Promoting digital entrepreneurship for women is a critical intervention to enable and empower women entrepreneurs to develop themselves and their communities. By digital entrepreneurship, we mean the development and advancement of enterprises by embracing digital technology, including digital platforms, services, and tools. Digital entrepreneurs are digitally-enabled entrepreneurs.  

Our Mission

“Empower women to empower their communities through their entrepreneurship and business skills.”

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To promote knowledge sharing on digital entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
  • To build digital entrepreneurship skills and digital community for women entrepreneurs
  • To strengthen regional support system and networks of women digital entrepreneurs
  • To formulate policy recommendations on women’s digital entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship

Implementing Agencies

Asian Vision Institute and Woomentum are the joint collaborators developing and managing the programme.

  • Asian Vision Institute was founded in 2019 with the aim to build peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient societies in Asia. There are five centres under the Institute, namely the Mekong Centre for Strategic Studies, Centre for Governance Innovation and Democracy, Centre for Sustainable Development Studies, Centre for Inclusive Digital Economy, and Centre for Culture and Peace Studies.
  • Woomentum is a diverse, private community where entrepreneurs from all walks of life start and grow their businesses. Since its inception in 2014, Woomentum’s network has grown into a well-knitted community, present in over 45 countries in five continents.

Empower women to empower their communities through their entrepreneurship and business skills.


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With your contribution now, you are a part of our mission to empower women entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

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