Policy Dialogue on Women’s Digital Entrepreneurship (starting January 2021)

  • The dialogue will be organised monthly, physically at the premise of the Asian Vision Institute based in Phnom Penh or virtually, depending on the availability of the speakers/panellists.
  • The aim of the dialogue is to create a platform for information and knowledge sharing on the best practices as well as failures among women entrepreneurs, policy makers, and change makers.
  • The main topics of the dialogue relate to women’s entrepreneurship, women’s leadership, digital transformation, women’s empowerment, gender equality, and sustainable development.
  • The format of the dialogue will follow the Davos style of the World Economic Forum (interactive dialogue rather than presentation). Each dialogue will last about 1 hour, with two panellists and a moderator.

 Training Programme on Women’s Digital Entrepreneurship (starting January 2022)

  • The training aims to achieve three objectives. First, inspiring women entrepreneurs with vision and purpose. Second, providing practical skills on how to harness digital technology for business development and growth. Third, building social capital by promoting a trust-based community of women entrepreneurs. 
  • There will be two training programmes, targeting two groups: (1) entrepreneurs coming from small enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs, and (2) entrepreneurs coming from medium-sized enterprises.
  • Each programme will be an intensive training session lasting for three consecutive days. The trainings will be conducted in the Khmer language.
  • After the training, the participants are expected to be equipped with skills and knowledge to develop new ways of designing and offering products and services, finding new customers, generating additional revenue while reducing cost, and expanding opportunities to collaborate with platforms and partners to scale up their businesses and gain competitive edge. 

Research and Publication (starting June 2022)

  • Carry out research and publication with a focus on digital transformation and women’s entrepreneurship.
  • Case study research methodology will be applied to conduct interviews and surveys, to document knowledge on the relationship between digital transformation and women’s entrepreneurship.  
  • Provide evidence-based policy recommendations.

Empower women to empower their communities through their entrepreneurship and business skills.


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